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Promote your Business in the PlayBooks Library.

For just $79 per month you can promote your product and service expertise in meetings discussing that very topic.

Position your expertise in meetings discussing that very topic.

Join leading B2B Businesses promoting their product or service expertise in meetings they don't even know are happening.

Your expertise will have a direct impact on companies using PlayBooks to run smarter meetings and grow.
Your expertise helps decision makers learn, discuss and decide on new products or services for their business.
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Promote your business in five steps

Upgrade your account icon
Sign up to a PlayBooks Publish account.

With a 'Publish' account you can promote up to 10 branded PlayBooks (with your logo and website link) in the Content Library.
A PlayBook can contain many 'Plays', like chapters in a book; providing multiple opportunities for your expertise to be utilised in meetings.

curate your content icon
Design and prepare the content for your PlayBooks.

Think about the stories you want each PlayBook to tell, the chapters or 'Plays' and the talking points for each. You can link to external content for additional resources as well.

create and tag your playbooks icon
Create your branded PlayBooks with topic and category tags.

Next create your PlayBooks. Give them a name and tag the topics and categories they apply to. Be sure to upload your logo and a link to your website for referrals.

Share your playbook url's with us
Tell us which PlayBooks to publish

When you have reviewed your 'Plays' and ready for them to go-live, send us a live-chat or email with the URLs of each PlayBook. In your browser address bar they will look like this,

publish your playbooks icon
We'll review and publish your PlayBooks in the Library

Our team will review your PlayBooks and schedule them for publishing. New PlayBooks are batch-processed weekly. We'll let you know when they're live and give you a LinkedIn post to share the exciting news!

You're in good company

These are just a few of the businesses with PlayBooks published in the Public Library

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