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Share expertise to win business.

Improve your effectiveness by collaborating on Topics, Expertise and Actions in Meetings. PlayBooks is loved by Professional Business Advisors, Leaders, Teams and their Clients.

Run high-value meetings
with every client.

In meetings powered by PlayBooks everyone can see the strategies, game plans and tasks to move business forward.

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Instant Meeting Summary Emails
Save time by sending a Meeting Summary Email to every participant with Action Points and Discussions.
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Showcase your expertise in every meeting
With PlayBooks Create you can publish your own industry, product, service or customer knowledge as 'Plays' you can add into any meeting.
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Leverage a Public Library of expertise in every meeting
Access the Library of Expertise published by industry experts. Add 'Plays' of advice into any meeting to direct discussions and support decisions.
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PlayBooks is used by Business Leaders, Advisors, Coaches, Accountants & Consultants.
Manage all your meetings in one place
Create collaborative agendas
Assign tasks and action points
Record meetings notes and discussions
Send a Meeting Summary Email
Build your own knowledge-base of expertise
Connect any video conferencing tool
Automate scheduling with Calendly
Maintain IP and Contacts Securely
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Game plans for business
With a smart Meetings App combined with libraries of expertise you can create Game Plans for Business in every meeting.
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Connect video conferencing tools
Simply add your Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams Meeting Link in the location field of your PlayBooks Meeting.
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Automate scheduling with Calendly
When clients schedule an appointment with you through Calendly the meeting and agenda points will be automatically created in your PlayBooks Account.
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Add attachments with OneDrive
Add attachments to your PlayBooks Meeting Agendas or Action points using OneDrive.