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Leverage expertise in meetings even when the experts aren't there.

What are 'Plays'?

'Plays' are notes of shared advice that make a PlayBook. They can be written by you, team members or industry experts to inform best practice, evaluate options or learn about a process.

Public Marketplace

A library of shared expertise, written by industry experts and seasoned practitioners that you can drop into a meeting to support discussions, aid decision making and keep meetings in flow.

Company Library

Your knowledge base of know-how. A library of company information, policies, tools and tactics to reduce follow-up and keep meetings in flow. A powerful way to capture domain knowledge and share with team members or clients when it matters the most.

Private Library

Capture your IP as resources you can easily share with clients in meetings. Showcase your value and expertise by publishing PlayBooks your clients can access and leverage when it matters the most, in meetings that set agendas and confirm decisions.

The secret-sauce for smarter meetings.

You can't have all the experts in the room at the same time. But you can have all their expertise. When you're discussing business critical tactics, processes and opportunities you need the information at your fingertips to make informed decisions.

'Plays' to Inform

Confident decision making is key. PlayBooks has 'Plays' to inform your decisions on almost any topic.

Reduce follow-up

No more chasing people after meetings for the information you needed. It's all there in PlayBooks.

'Plays' to Evaluate

Should we do this, or that? Chances are someone has already discussed that and shared their expertise as a 'Play' you can add to a meeting.

Fast and efficient

With the right expertise at your fingertips, your meetings will be fast, fun and effective.

'Plays' for Process

From on-boarding new staff, performance management to entering a new market, when you need to know, there's a 'Play' for that.

Focus on adding value

Your clients and team members will love PlayBooks meetings that moves business forward.

"With PlayBooks Action Items create clear and transparent accountability"

Andrew R,
Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

"PlayBooks gives advisors the ability to interact with clients in an active manner rather than being passive and reactionary."

Marshall Maine,
Business Advisor

"PlayBooks connects the people taking part with the best ‘how to advice’ out there… what’s not to love?"

Suse Reynolds,

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