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Smarter Meetings,
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The PlayBooks Platform helps you manage your Meetings and showcase your Expertise with every client.

Smarter Meetings in six quick steps

Add a client icon
Add the amazing clients you meet with regularly.

You'll need some basic contact details so you can send them meeting invitations and follow up emails.

Create your first meeting icon
Set up your first client meeting.

Next you set up your first meeting. Give it a name, set the time and include web conference links or a physical address as the location. Add 1 - 2 Agenda Items and some notes to remind you of key questions to ask in the meeting.

Create a PlayBook Icon
Save your expertise as a PlayBook in your Personal Library.

Think about information you share in meetings most often. Save time by turning it into a PlayBook once so you can share it in meetings forever.
These could be your sales process, proposals, industry reports, GST or Tax filing instructions.

Automate meeting scheduling with Calendly.

With Calendly anytime a client schedules an appointment with you the meeting and agenda items will be automatically created in PlayBooks saving you a ton of admin time.
In-App open Settings to connect Calendly.

Add your company branding.

In Settings, click the User Profile tab. Add in your website address and upload a logo. The logo (linked to your website) will display in your Meetings and on any PlayBooks you have published in the Public Content Library.

Invite attendees to your first PlayBooks meeting.

Now your PlayBooks account is all set up, it's time to send out the invitations to your first meeting.
In Meetings, open the meeting you created earlier and click the 'Send Meeting Invite' button.

Productivity tips shared by PlayBooks meeting pros.

Create a PlayBook for each client
Add a 'Play' (chapter in a PlayBook) for each strategy, game plan or project you create so it's easy to add into future meetings.
Create PlayBooks for processes
Create a 'Process PlayBook' with 'Plays' for tasks people need reminding about like submitting invoices, tax or hiring new team members.
Create a PlayBook for ice-breakers
To keep meetings fun and get people talking kick-off with an ice-breaker activity. It will help you get to know and learn about your guests too.
Create 'Plays' for impact
In Client PlayBooks create 'Plays' to record key milestones or decisions so they're easy to add to meetings to track progress and your impact.
Preparation builds value
Plan ahead. Add notes to your meeting as you think of them. Add expert 'Plays' from the Public Library to support your recommendations.
Reduce post-meeting follow-up
Forget hand-written notes easily lost in diaries or scrap-paper. Use PlayBooks to save your notes & ideas exactly where you need them.

These businesses and many more like them use PlayBooks.