Smarter meetings in five steps

Collaborate with your clients to create Game Plans in every meeting.

These businesses and many more like them use PlayBooks.

Smarter Meetings in five quick steps

Add a client icon
Add all the clients you run meetings with.

You'll need some basic contact details so you can send them meeting invitations and follow up emails.

Book a meeting icon
Create your first meeting.

Next you set up your first meeting. Give it a name, set the time and include web conference links or a physical address as the location. Then add the email addresses for all participants you wish to invite to the meeting.

Create a PlayBook icon
Publish your expertise in your first PlayBook.

Think about information you share in meetings most often. Save time by turning it into a PlayBook once so you can share it in meetings forever.

Calendly Logo Icon
Automate meeting scheduling with Calendly.

To find the Calendly integration settings, click your name to open the Settings Screen and follow the instructions to connect Calendly to PlayBooks.
With Calendly anytime a client schedules an appointment with you the meeting and agenda items will be automatically created in PlayBooks saving you a ton of admin time.

Invite new user icon
Invite your team members

In Settings, Team Management you can invite your colleagues to join your PlayBooks Account. That means as a business you'll have just the one subscription for everyone.
And soon you'll be able to share PlayBooks between team members, building out a company library of expertise anyone can use in meetings.

PlayBooks App screen laptop
Add your logo
In Settings, User profile, you can upload your company logo, which displays in client meetings.
Search the Content Library
The Public Content Library is packed with useful expertise published as 'Plays' you can add to meetings.
Invite Attendees by Email
In the Meeting Screen, you can add participants and send them a Meeting Invite with a link to view and collaborate in your PlayBooks Meeting.
Summary Emails
After your meeting, PlayBooks will automatically send each attendee an email with a meeting link and the Action Points assigned to them.
Locations for Online Meetings
You can set the Location for your meeting as a physical address (your favourite cafe) or your preferred Video Conferencing tool like Zoom or Microsoft Teams link.
Add Attachments with OneDrive
Often Agenda items need supporting information, a report, proposal or business plan. You can add these attachments through our simple OneDrive connection.

Intuitive design
promotes action

The PlayBooks Meetings dashboard has been carefully designed to focus attention, record the key information and visibly showcase the Game Plans you create together.
With new features being released monthly, you'll see regular improvements and your suggestions help shape our product development.
PlayBooks meetings app
PlayBooks Meetings App screenshot

Built for Desktop screen sharing

We have deliberately designed the PlayBooks Meetings App for Desktop & Laptop display and Video call screen sharing. Support for mobile devices is in development.

Globally scalable, for any business

PlayBooks launched in October 2020 focusing on helping Business Advisors across New Zealand and Australia. But we welcome anyone, anywhere who wants to run smarter meetings to sign up today.
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