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Collaborate for Impact.

PlayBooks helps Business Advisors and Accountants optimise their time. To spend more time on client-impact collaboration.

Featured Integrations

PlayBooks is designed to slot right alongside your favourite business tools to enhance productivity and collaboration.


When a client or coworker schedules a meeting in Calendly, a meeting will be created in PlayBooks.

Microsoft 365

Book meetings in PlayBooks, control them in Outlook or 365 calendar. Add a Teams or Skype link for video conferencing.

Google Workspace - Coming Soon

Book meetings in PlayBooks, control them in Google calendar. Add a Meet link for video conferencing.

Zapier - Coming Soon

Create Zaps between PlayBooks and your favourite apps.

Slack - Coming Soon

Embed a Channel in PlayBooks, get real time notifications in Slack.

Hubspot - Coming Soon

Sync tasks, contacts and much more.

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