Zoom into more effective Meetings with a Game Plan for business.

Justin Flitter
January 2021

You wouldn’t start a business without a game-plan, and you shouldn’t run a meeting without one either.

As the way we work changes, with more of us working remotely, it has required video conferencing tools like Zoom to keep us connected. But although Zoom, Slack, and MS Teams bring people together online, they don’t help you facilitate effective meetings.

Someone still has to invite the guests, share the agenda, take minutes, assign action points, and follow up - and that takes a LOT of time. And we’ve all become familiar with Zoom fatigue – the difficulty of staying focused and energised after hours of online meetings.

It’s a huge drain on productivity when resources are already stretched and, more than ever, we need teams working effectively.

Although Zoom connects us face-to-face, the productivity gains are only realised when you have a game plan for the meeting, a structure, agenda and a way to collaborate and assign action points that result in actions taken.

Therefore, it’s vital that accountants and professional advisors who spend most of their day in client calls have a game plan for every meeting. Without a game plan to keep you on track, a meeting is just a discussion that can easily veer off course, loose focus and cost your business valuable time and money. Nothing is more frustrating than meetings that end without anything meaningful being achieved.

PlayBooks is meeting software for Accountants, Professional Advisors and Teams to facilitate fast, effective meetings. When everyone knows what’s on the table for discussion and, more importantly, what’s not, meetings become focused, assigned tasks transparent and attendees committed to delivering results.

The best Game Plan for virtual meetings

  • Plan your meeting using PlayBooks meeting software and video conferencing tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams to bring people together.
  • Clearly define the purpose of the meeting and the desired outcomes, adding the first few agenda points for attendees to collaborate on
  • Invite your guests to the PlayBooks meeting and include the Zoom link
  • Create and assign Action points to guests during the meeting in PlayBooks
  • After the meeting, guests are emailed a link to the meeting and the action points assigned to them to add to their calendar and tasks lists.

2020 has been a challenging year for businesses and adaptability is the key to thriving in 2021. PlayBooks innovative software will help you stay connected with your teams and clients in a business environment that is still uncertain. We don’t know what 2021 may hold, but at least your meetings will be on track and awesome!

To learn more about the impact of PlayBooks and how to make meetings more efficient and productive, check out our five tips here.

About PlayBooks

PlayBooks is a smart meetings platform for accountants, professional business advisors, and teams. PlayBooks helps you create Game Plans for business during client and team meetings. Leveraging your company knowledge and a public marketplace of expertise you can drop PlayBooks into a meeting to create the best game plan for your client.

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