Why Boards Run Better Meetings with PlayBooks.

Justin Flitter
September 2021

The key to an effective board is running smart, productive meetings that deliver clear and actionable decisions. It sounds so simple and yet the reality is that most meetings deliver more yawns than decisive action.

Boards are a strategic asset and members can deliver real success for your organisation, but not when their eyes are glazed over or fixated on the clock. We know how quickly a board meeting can derail into a rambling mess, so we decided to fix it.

Enter PlayBooks: a new Platform designed to fix ineffective board meetings.

PlayBooks is the best meetings app for boards, because this clever tech is more than a great agenda tool. PlayBooks is a unique platform that helps you run smarter meetings by providing the world’s best expertise all wrapped up in a crystal-clear, actionable agenda.

No more slow head nods and rolled eyes. Just brief, relevant, and logically presented agendas that keep your board members moving forward towards your objectives, not the plate of doughnuts.

When questions arise, PlayBooks stops them from descending into long-winded sidebars. That’s because your PlayBooks agenda is linked to solid advice and action items from experienced subject matter experts — all available instantly as your meeting takes place.

Tap your own best minds
PlayBooks not only allows you to access big brains from outside of your organisation — you can also develop your own company knowledge base by publishing PlayBooks to your private company library. Transfer knowledge bombs from the minds of your best people, into action in meetings, by allowing them to stay across the business quickly and act in the best interest of knowledgeable and experienced employees. If a board member or vital staff member moves on, their knowledge remains secure and snug in your knowledge base to help inform future decisions.

Get on the same page with smart agendas and radical transparency
From the moment your board members receive the agenda, they can get all the knowledge they need to make informed decisions when it matters. Everyone is on the same page from the get-go and has access to the same information. And if pressing matters (or a late-night Netflix binge) means someone didn’t read the agenda before your meeting, they can pull up bite-size answers and information on the fly as the meeting takes place.

More board meetings, less bored meetings
Join PlayBooks today to see informed agendas in action and start running better board meetings.

About PlayBooks

PlayBooks is a smart meetings platform for business advisors, consultants, boards and management teams. PlayBooks are easily digestible pieces of advice you can drop into any meeting to make faster decisions, keep the conversation flowing and reduce follow up tasks. These can be written by industry experts or company employees, building your knowledge-base for shared processes and insights on any topic.