What is PlayBooks exactly?

Greg Sheehan
January 2021

PlayBooks the product. What is it? How do you use it?

We’ve been building something pretty special, and it’s not long before we pull back the curtain and show the world what it looks like.

PlayBooks understands your frustrations around being time poor, not having key information readily at hand, and creating clear agendas and agreed actions with clients.

We get it, and we want to help.

We had those same frustrations. We know what it feels like to be in a client meeting and feel underprepared. Or worse - feel well prepared and then be surprised by something unexpected that you wished you knew how to tackle.

So without giving away our special sauce, just imagine the following scenario...

You are about to go into a meeting with a client. Actually, the meeting starts in a few minutes. It's been a little longer than you'd like since you last spoke with this client and honestly, you haven't had the time to give them much love. Sound familiar? We know it does. We’ve nerded out on the research.

In that time so much has happened.

The world has changed - again.

You know the client is going to bring some challenges they wish to discuss. Perhaps they've raised them with you a few days ago, maybe they haven’t. Whilst you’ve had fleeting thoughts about them since you last met, you’re a little hazy on those details.

After entering the video conference meeting and exchanging pleasantries - it’s DTB - down to business.

For this meeting though, picture a world with PlayBooks where....

- The actions you agreed from the last meeting have automagically appeared on your laptop, tablet or phone - along with whether they have been actioned or not.

- You can see the new things the client wishes to discuss in this meeting - and they already appear on the agenda. We’ve got your back. Had you checked this yesterday, you could have done 30 minutes prep, and been even more organised. Not to worry - PlayBooks has you covered here too. You can deliver what you need to discuss, all in the 30 seconds you have before the meeting starts.  

- Suddenly you remember something from a month back that you need to raise with the client? Tap, tap... - bingo - there it is, already on the agenda.

- Maybe there was something sensitive you needed to discuss and you didn’t want to forget about it. Again, there it is, listed on the agenda - safely just for your eyes only.

- You run through and discuss the itemised agenda. The topics you only had 30 seconds to prepare for before the meeting started are listed out in a perfect playbook to work through. PlayBooks is a game changer.

- Then imagine the scenario where the client rips out a super curly question. No problem there’s a playbook for that, and within seconds you are asking the client all of the right questions complemented by talking points to dig into their issue.

- What about follow-ups? Rather than send emails to everyone after the meeting (let’s be honest, its often done later that night from home) with who was going to do what - PlayBooks has again automagically done it for you. Oh - and all the actions have been automagically (we love that word) inserted into your personal workflow or ToDo list. Time saver baby! No need to work tonight.

- Everyone in the meeting walks away with clarity, their clearly defined actions, and the sense that they are working with an excellent advisor. We know the good stuff that can flow from that.... maybe a recommendation to other clients or winning some new work from said meeting.

- Then closing the video conference with seconds on the clock, you move to the next meeting where it’s as simple as your next PlayBooks agenda.

So hang in there over the coming weeks as our development team works night and day to get the product into your hands.

There are not that many sleeps now.

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