Hello and Welcome to PlayBooks

Greg Sheehan
January 2021

So what is this PlayBooks thing all about?

We are incredibly excited to be building a tool that we know will make advisors' lives easier.

Small business is an ever changing landscape, making it tough for everyone just to keep up - for both owners and their advisors.

Enter PlayBooks.

By way of a backstory, the idea for PlayBooks was born out of sheer frustration.

Our founder Greg co-founded RightWay in 2011. It was back then that he kept seeing the same problem continually recurring.

  • To start
  • To build
  • To market
  • To sell
  • To build teams
  • To build cultures
  • And to exit their business

The person they trusted the most with these questions was generally their accountant. And that was true all over the world.

Clients had shared all of their financial secrets with their accountant - and when people share their financial secrets - they often share all of their other secrets too. Think relationship stresses, when their kids are in trouble etc. You get it. Messy stuff.

So what?

Well this makes for a Super-Trusted Relationship.

However when the small business owner would ask for help, with all the challenges of business mentioned above, often the accountant just couldn't nail their response as well as they’d like.

When we dug into the problem we discovered that generally neither the client nor the advisor (accountant) had the necessary tools readily at hand.

So we said:

"What if there was a way of dramatically improving the conversation advisors had with their clients?"

How could these advisors have all the information they needed - immediately at hand - without needing to spend years training in areas they generally felt uncomfortable around? Like when they're not talking numbers, tax and spreadsheets. Where do they start?

We discovered that accountants (as an example) didn't spend hours researching meeting material in advance. They just didn't have the time. We think that may be true of many types of advisor.

And that led us to our really unique insight...

If we could somehow serve up what advisors should say/ask/discover in a really simple way, just as they were meeting the client, then we could crack the code. That's how Smart Meetings came to be (where stuff could "auto-magically" populate into advisors talking points with clients).

Then we thought , what if people who have real expertise in a particular area could easily transfer their knowledge into a form that could be readily served up using cool tech, straight into the hands of the general advisor, just as they needed it.

Then we got really carried away and thought "Wait, maybe Smart Meetings, with expert content from the world’s best" could be used across multiple client/advisor relationships (consultants, bankers, coaches, psychologists.....you name it).

And with that problem clearly in our sights, and the craziness and belief that all things are possible... PlayBooks was born.

Our mission is to create a marketplace to bring "the world’s best expertise into every meeting" by helping those who help others.

By combining platform technology and excellent design we knew we could build an excellent, easy to use solution for advisors everywhere.

And that, right there is our story. For now....

Join us on the journey.