Selling the Cake: How Accountants Can Increase Value in Every Meeting

Justin Flitter
September 2021

It’s common for advisors to be overworked and underpaid, with little opportunity to increase rates to cover the load. Darren Eagle, co-founder of The 80/20 Accountant, has seen this problem time and time again when consulting with accountants. He believes a simple switch in focus is the key to selling your worth to clients.

Darren explains, “The conversation needs to change from transactional inputs to results. Instead of talking about yourself and what you do, start talking about what the client can (or is) achieving as a result of your expertise,” explains Darren. “Struggling accountants are still selling the ingredients to a cake...thriving accountants are selling the cake!” he adds.

How to drive and demonstrate value in every meeting

To start “selling the cake”, you need to demonstrate your value and results at every interaction. This doesn’t mean spamming your clients with extra reports or dot points of every action you’ve taken.

What you need is a way to establish your expertise and value to businesses on many levels. Darren explains, “When an accountant becomes incomparable at a personal and business level, clients no longer look at price. This means from their marketing to the sales process right through to the proposals and onboarding —  everything must be incomparable.”

You know that you can provide value that adds up to more than just dollars and cents. So how do you go about visualising this? And how do you make sure you’re poised to respond to any aspect of a client’s business, with no question too curly or left of field?

PlayBooks was designed with this situation in mind. We have designed a unique meetings app that will stack the game in your favour. We give you the tools and expertise to shine in every client interaction.

Using the app to deliver high-value client experiences

The Playbooks Meetings App can help you schedule, plan and deliver high-value client experiences. Because not only will it help you produce an effective agenda for your meetings, you can also draw from a library of expert content to fuel clever thinking.

So if you’re heading into a meeting with a business owner about their new cafe, you can access a library of content around the hospitality industry and develop a game plan for this business that spans far more than their cash flow alone. By anticipating their needs and being on top of your game, you can deliver a unique meeting experience with everything visualised with action items in the one place. And it will be delivered instantly to your client at the end of the meeting.

This game plan gives clients an instant visual of what they need to do next, what you’re working toward, and an insight into the value you’ve delivered in that meeting. Problem solved.

Run unlimited meetings for free

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