Run all your Meetings in PlayBooks for Free.

Justin Flitter
September 2021

Business Advisors are the unsung heroes of every economy. Accountants, Consultants and Business Coaches are a vital factor in any Business owners plan for success.

Advisors are more than a strategic partner. They're a pillar to lean on when times are tough with the experience to 10x growth on the up-side.

PlayBooks is for the 10x Advisors and their clients, to create Game Plans in Meetings that tackle challenges and win every opportunity.

To stack the game in your favour we have made the PlayBooks Meetings App free, sign in here to create your best Game Plan.

To create an unfair advantage and unlock the full benefits of the PlayBooks Platform we have released new subscription plans.

PlayBooks Meet - Free for everyone

  • Host Unlimited Meetings
  • Use Unlimited PlayBooks from the Marketplace to create Game Plans
  • Create 1 Personal PlayBook
  • Connect Calendly for meeting automation
  • Connect OneDrive for attachment file storage (coming early 2021)

PlayBooks Create - $29 p/m (Launching February)

  • All the PlayBooks Meet features
  • Create Unlimited Personal PlayBooks

PlayBooks Publish - $29 p/m ($79 p/m from February)

  • All PlayBooks Meet and Create plan features
  • Promote your expertise by publishing up to 10 PlayBooks in the Public Marketplace
  • This Plan is discounted ($29p/m) for your first six months. Regular pricing ($79p/m) will begin for new subscribers from Feb 1st.

Create your Free PlayBooks Account or check out the paid plans.

Our vision is every business will have a Business Advisor helping Owners and their leadership teams build resilience, capability and performance.

Meetings are the time to shine for every Business Advisor. In those client engagements you need to visibly add value, create Game Plans and hold each other accountable to move business forward.

So get stuck in, we look forward to seeing you in PlayBooks.