PlayBooks reveals 80% of business meetings utilise external guidance to promote faster decision making.

Justin Flitter
September 2021

The Content Driven Meetings Platform founded by Greg Sheehan (previously RightWay) is used by professional advisors and business leaders across New Zealand and Australia.

“Our research proves business leaders are asking their trusted advisors to solve problems not typically in their wheel-house. By using PlayBooks everyone gets access to expertise in a public library they can drop into a meeting, saving them significant post-meeting follow up. And supercharging the value they provide their clients.

Access to expertise when you have a client's undivided attention helps people leverage that moment of intent, to take action, to solve the problem.” says Sheehan.

This week PlayBooks welcomes Inventory Management provider Unleashed Software. Meena Berry, Head of Partnerships said, “Unleashed brings a significant new source of expertise in the public content library for advisors and business leaders to use in meetings.”

Unleashed is cloud-based software for product businesses that want a new level of control over their inventory, production and sales. Operating for more than 10 years, they help thousands of businesses around the world move on from the outdated processes that hold them back.

Unleashed Software Partner Manager, Matt Green said, ”We’re excited to be joining Playbooks. Advisors play an incredibly important role in helping their clients choose the right software and we’re pleased to be able to guide them with our Playbooks resources.”

“As more and more apps enter the market it is difficult for advisors to know which are right for their clients. Our resources help them identify the right inventory software for their clients, and provide advisory services around those apps.”

“SaaS and technology businesses provide a huge amount of expertise to clients, helping them solve problems to scale and thrive. Content marketing through PlayBooks helps them connect with decision makers in the moment of intent, in meetings discussing the very problem they can help solve. No other content marketing channel provides this level of targeting, says Justin Flitter, Chief Marketing Officer.”

PlayBooks is the world’s first Content Driven Meetings Platform. Access a public library of expertise or create your own knowledge-base of content and resources to share with clients and team members in meetings.