"PlayBooks makes sure I never go into a meeting unprepared"

Justin Flitter
September 2021

Sarah Walker is a motivated problem solver — so much so that it’s her job title. A director at Hawke’s Bay accounting firm, Epplett & Co, Sarah’s focus is taking away uncertainty and worry for her wide range of clients across large industries, SMBs, sole traders, families, and retirees. An early adopter with a keen interest in technology that makes life easier, she joined PlayBooks in 2020 to give her client meetings an upgrade.

This problem solver quickly met her match with PlayBooks, as the platform instantly addresses the issues she would encounter every day when setting meetings. The endless email trails, lost or mounting paperwork, and daily back and forth were replaced by faster, more efficient meetings.

Since joining PlayBooks, Sarah’s meetings are:

  • Created in an instant, without a need for any back and forth with clients
  • Incredibly organised, with an actionable agenda that can be accessed by all attendees from the moment the meeting is set
  • Efficient and effective, with clear action items delivered to both her and the client

PlayBooks makes booking meetings a breeze

Client collaboration is what fuels accountants and advisors, but organising a busy schedule is no simple task. Finding the right time quickly descends into lengthy back-and-forth and pulls focus from preparing for the conversation. Sarah connected her PlayBooks account to Calendly, uploading her availability to help clients and staff find the right time to meet in an instant.

The moment someone books in an available time slot, they can start setting an agenda and Sarah can walk in fully prepared. No surprises, just effective meetings with clear action items sent to them both on conclusion.

Using PlayBooks and Calendly together has been completely life changing! I love technology, but never thought a piece of software could be so intuitive in putting things together. My clients can book a meeting without all the back and forth — and now that it integrates with PlayBooks, everything is logged in my diary and I can see what the client wants to talk about and what to prepare.

No more hand-written notes or hunting through email trails

Paper notes and email trails can get messy — you can never find what you need the moment you need it. With PlayBooks, everything is at your fingertips, including agenda items and even minutes. Because there is a single shared source, this means that if your client asks for notes or wants to be reminded of actions they need to take, they can receive them instantly.

Sarah has found this facilitates more accountability from clients, particularly in regular meetings, because of how easy it is to refer to action points from the past discussion. It’s even helped in an instance where a client hasn’t been able to make their meeting time. Sarah explains, “Everything is loaded into PlayBooks, so I won’t lose any prep work if a client reschedules or wants to come back later down the track. I know exactly where to find their agenda and action points,” she says.

A client asked me for a pen and paper and I said I’ll do you one better — I’ll send you a link with everything we’ve discussed today and the action items. There’s more accountability, especially for regular meetings. It’s easy to refer back to previous discussions, no paper shuffling or searching through emails.

Empowering future staff with PlayBooks

PlayBooks is more than just a clever meetings app — it’s backed by the brains of experts in their field. There are a whole host of topics and subjects that accountants and advisors can access, or you can create your own. As a Director with a wealth of experience, Sarah holds a lot of knowledge in her head. In future, PlayBooks can be used as an internal resource library to support other staff within the business.

In fact, Sarah has already used this key feature to solve a problem for one of her sole trader clients.

“A sole trader was at a crossroads with their business growth, working at full capacity. Should they employ someone else to allow further growth? We had a conversation about how PlayBooks can be used as a training tool, empowering staff with knowledge. It helps business owners to know that a resource library is available and there’s a guide for running customer meetings. It gives them the confidence to let staff manage their own process.”

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