Our Vision

Greg Sheehan
January 2021

Our Vision and why being part of this community will help you.

Our vision is to “Build a marketplace where the world's best expertise is in every meeting”.

What are we all about?

Well in this modern world we have some pretty smart humans. In the future there may even be some smart humans connected into even smarter computers.

We think it’s just clever to avoid having to work out stuff that others already have. At PlayBooks we want to bring their thinking and expertise seamlessly into your own meetings.

Reducing small business failure rates.‍

Imagine if every meeting added value and small businesses broke free from the crazy high failure rates?

Small business is super tough. Crazy hard. We all need the help of others. The help of Advisors. Those we can trust. So how do we dramatically improve the conversations we as advisors have with our clients? How do we find ways to help small businesses succeed and beat the odds on a large scale?

As someone who has walked both sides of the line, second-time startup founder and experienced business adviser, Greg Sheehan started the PlayBooks community to connect small business advisors with the expert content they needed.

Content is a great way to connect with potential customers and expert advice is a way to really add value to clients. But we know it’s hard to be an expert in EVERYTHING! Trust us, you’re not alone...we’ve spoken to hundreds of excited advisors excited to join our growing community and we haven’t even released the product yet!

As we mentioned in Blog OO1, we’ve found that most of the problems small businesses face aren’t unique. All around the globe in various different industries most small businesses are looking for advice on how to

  • Get started
  • Build teams
  • Market
  • Sell
  • Create culture
  • Exit their business

And the person small businesses trust the most with these questions is often their accountant.

We also know that the top reasons businesses fail are ridiculously common:

  • Cash flow or funding
  • Lack of demand
  • Competition
  • Pricing
  • Incorrect people on the team
  • Poor management

“The challenge is there’s a lot of content out there. It's in a variety of forms. It’s hard to find time to read it all and to research everything and be an expert across so many areas. It's also super challenging to keep it all organised across the client base. Sometimes you don’t even need to be the expert, sometimes you just need to ask the right questions and point people in the right direction. We wanted to make all of that so much easier” Greg Sheehan - Founder of PlayBooks.

Advisors often have their own content but it's all over the place, or stuck in someone’s head. Many advisors are in back to back meetings and there just isn’t enough time to get it all their agendas and content organised, let alone follow up everything with clients. Many are employing junior staff just to manage this process.

Before PlayBooks there weren't any tools to bring expert content automatically into meetings in an actionable format.

And that’s the really exciting part...the thing that keeps us awake at nights inventing...the opportunity to put expert content at the fingertips of every adviser, right where it’s needed most - in their client meetings.

And so the team at PlayBooks have set out to crack the code.

Our mission is to bring "the world’s best expertise into every meeting". By helping those who help others we can improve the success rates of small businesses exponentially.

We are PlayBooks.

We want you to be part of our community. We want to foster a community of great advisors.

Equally we want to hear from organisations with knowledge they want the world to know about.

PlayBooks allows for a more open market where the best expertise floats to the top of the algorithms, based on its quality, not by paid advertising pushing it up the rankings.

Help us build out a better world by sharing what we're up to at playbooks.live.

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