Meena Berry appointed to expand PlayBooks in Australia

Justin Flitter
March 2021

This week we're excited to announce that Meena Berry has joined the PlayBooks team as Head of Partnerships in Australia. Meena will help our team build key industry partnerships and revenue as we continue to grow across Australia.

Meena was introduced to PlayBooks through our New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) beachhead advisors and immediately started to make key industry connections.

I joined the team because our purpose aligns with my “why” - helping others succeed and thrive, particularly small business owners and their advisors.

I have spent an extensive part of my career in business development for accounting firms. Having been part of tons of client & staff meetings over the years, I’ve seen a huge gap in how advisors delivering high-value & impactful client meetings.
Meetings are often poorly formulated due to lack of time, expertise or planning ahead of the meeting. I’ve seen a lot of missed opportunities on the table, where key information was unavailable to the client during the meeting and this could have been addressed with an inclusive agenda allowing the client to raise all the queries, ideas and areas where they need holistic advice.
To be able to call upon specific areas of expertise or talking points in a meeting from subject matter experts on that same talking point is extremely powerful.
PlayBooks is the secret sauce for smarter meetings.  Playbooks does all of this and more by providing a platform for running smart, productive meetings that deliver clear and actionable decisions.
With a collaborative Agenda, Action points and a place to document Game Plans, Advisors can visibly add value in every meeting, improving productivity and ensuring they are hosting meetings clients really look forward to.

PlayBooks Founder and CEO Greg Sheehan said,

From our first meeting you could sense Meena's drive and passion to help small business owners and their advisors thrive. Meena's experience working with Xero in their early days growing in Australia, her extensive networks and passion for our product makes us delighted to welcome her to the team.