Level up your thought leadership

Justin Flitter
September 2021

If “content is king”, get your crown ready because we’re about to introduce you to a new throne.

PlayBooks is giving business advisors access to better thought leadership content. Instead of trawling through endless interweb searches for info, our platform connects advisors directly to easy-to-access, useful content from verified experts like Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). Boom, instant answers.

Picture this: an accountant needs information for a client meeting and instead of sifting through blog posts and ebooks to look for quick answers, they jump on PlayBooks and instantly see how a CAANZ membership can benefit their business. Because not only do they get to tap their smarts, they can use this content to nail the meeting thanks to a bit of magic on our platform. The accountant looks like a hero and has CAANZ to thank for it (who they can now easily go to for more information — and membership for even more value). Everybody wins.

Give your awesome content a new voice

Let’s get nerdy with numbers for a moment. A global joint study by Edelman and LinkedIn confirmed some good news: almost half (48%) of head honchos are reading more than an hour of thought leadership content generated by other businesses every week.

But here’s the flip-side: 85% of those surveyed also thought a lot of this content under delivered. Only 15% rate most of the content they read highly. Ouch.

There’s a few reasons for this:

  • The internet is noisier than your neighbours

You want to show you’re wicked smart, but instead find yourself competing with eye-roll inducing articles promising “55 ways to do that thing you’re trying to do”. Urgh. Thanks for nothing, Google. Thought leadership content is great for SEO, but the more competition you have, the harder it is to be heard. This is when it’s time to get smart about your distribution strategy and get your content found on channels where your customers are looking for it *cough* PlayBooks.

  • The content isn’t actionable

You might be writing great content, but the people reading it aren’t sure how to act on your advice. By teaming up with PlayBooks, we can get your content into the right hands and put action items right into the to-do lists and agendas of your potential clients. Awesome, right? I mean, who isn’t going to love you for that?!

Share your big brains with the people who need it.

PlayBooks draws on the superstar skills and thought leadership of experts like CAANZ, who provide easy-to-access content that business advisors and accountants can easily utilise. They have the know-how and we make it easier to connect them with the people who need it.

If you have deep industry knowledge and would like more information on becoming a Content Contributor, click here, or you can contact our team for more information and sign up.