How Management Teams Run Smarter Meetings with PlayBooks.

Justin Flitter
September 2021

Everyone loves meetings! Why else would we spend all of our working hours either having meetings or organising more meetings?

There is SO much new technology around now to help us have more meetings. Between Zoom, Slack, and the 20 back-and-forth emails we have every day, it’s becoming pretty clear that the issue with meeting apps isn’t getting connected with your team — it’s making the most of that time and getting everyone on the same page quickly.

What if (shock horror!) a meetings app for management teams actually helped you, you know, manage teams effectively. Here’s a wild idea...maybe the best meetings app is the one that helps you have less meetings, not more.

Smart agendas could rescue your work day

The repetitive cycle of organising and having meetings isn’t helping your team move forward. What would help is a smart, collaborative agenda tool that makes the meetings you do have, run more efficiently.

Here’s the pitch: PlayBooks is a great agenda tool (we think it’s the best meetings and agenda app in the world, but modesty is not our strong suit). Everyone in your team will have access to the same agenda and will be on the same page before you start. But it’s also so much more than that. Where PlayBooks tech starts to feel like a gallant savior of time is the brain power behind these agendas.

Smart agendas on PlayBooks are powered by expert information and actionable talking points for every meeting. Say for example, your management team is getting together to discuss a new marketing strategy. You are considering the launch of an influencer campaign, but you’ve never run one before. You can add “influencer campaign” on your agenda and try to figure it out as you go.

Or, you can use PlayBooks to pull in a smart agenda item on influencer campaigns, written by the experts at MediaWorks. By adding the ‘Play’ to your meeting, you’ll receive all the talking points and action items you need to start an effective influencer campaign. Suddenly, your meeting got a whole lot shorter and everyone leaves knowing what to do next.

Better together: PlayBooks and Calendly

Then there is the time-suck that is organising a team meeting. Trying to get two people free at the same time is hard enough — a whole team can be a Reply All nightmare.

To cut the back-and-forth, PlayBooks integrates with the awesome scheduling tool, Calendly. Connect your PlayBooks account with Calendly’s team scheduling function and everyone will be able to upload their availability, instantly helping you choose the right time to have this (*ahem* incredibly productive) meeting.  

Tap your own best minds

We know you have super smart people in your own organisation too. In addition to plucking insights and productivity gems from some of the world’s best companies, you can also create your own internal PlayBooks and share it within your private Company Library. Suddenly onboarding meetings are a breeze. An absent staff member is no big deal, and important knowledge doesn’t walk out the door when an employee does.

Organise your next smarter, shorter meeting

To give this a test run and see how smart (and short) your next meeting could be, join PlayBooks today for a free trial.