Create an unfair advisory advantage

Greg Sheehan
January 2021

How you can create an unfair advantage with PlayBooks

As an advisor, it’s a tough game having to be the expert in every field. Being swamped with information, and distilling that down to the essentials to "value add" for every client meeting is a real challenge. We get it.

We’ve also got you.

Tax questions? Sorted.

Search Engine Marketing questions? Tick.

For business advisors, that’s where PlayBooks comes in.  

As an advisor, imagine your client wants to chat about something that you are not totally certain around. Say they want your view on search engine marketing for example. Well you can select a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) playbook, like the one our mates at Yellow have created. Check out their key talking points for getting started with SEM, to help your client’s business optimise their online presence. Nice one guys.

Give your client action items, like setting up a display ad, with relevant information to ensure a high Google ranking. You can also hold your client accountable, ensuring those website optimisation action items are completed before your next meeting. Nice. And your client’s digital footprint? Now everyone is on the same page as to what that even means, and how that can be improved.

Expert content brought to you by the experts, creates the best results for your client’s business.

Create your own playlist - just like you do in your favourite music streaming service.

What’s even better, is that you can choose a range of playbooks on related topics. When you're having a meeting, you can bring essential talking points from ANY topic to the conversation to ensure your client has the best advice. Each PlayBook will also be ranked for popularity, so the most relevant talking points for your client’s industry will be right at your fingertips. Like we said, we got you.

So, let's get that unfair advantage for your practice.

Smart meetings. Smart technology. If you’re interested in a new way to gain an advantage in your Business Advisory practice, contact our team for the inside word on how PlayBooks can deliver you results.