Collaboration Fatigue Is Suffocating Success So We Launched Spaces

Justin Flitter
September 2021

Today we're excited to launch Spaces, our brand new Collaboration feature.

PlayBooks launched one year ago, since then we've grown across New Zealand and Australia, supporting Business Advisors, Accountants, Coaches, Consultants and teams to work better together.

We've watched and listened to customer feedback, learning how groups and teams work and collaborate together.

Business Owners and Team Leaders complained about the endless email threads and notifications sucking up time they'd rather spend actually collaborating on projects, clients and partnerships. They're frustrated with a lack of visibility, constantly chasing people to keep on top of tasks, searching for documents or the most up-to-date plan.

PlayBooks is solving these immediate pain points to make collaboration more efficient and effective. To achieve that we've created Spaces to connect people, content, meetings and actions in one place.

Today you can sign-up or speak to us about migrating your current account to our new Collaborate Plans, invite your team members, and instantly create Spaces to connect Meetings, People, Content and playbooks, documents and Action points. You can leverage the dashboard to see the Action Items assigned to you and their due dates.

Tom Freeman, PlayBooks Head of Product, has spent countless hours talking with our customers, learning how their teams want to work together and their frustrations just trying to keep up.

It goes without saying that the last 18 months have thrown us all immensely challenging curve-balls. Reorganising our people, projects and content for hybrid teams and multi-agency collaborations quickly is one way businesses can maintain the cadence of progress. We're delighted to launch Spaces to help your teams work more effectively together.

Office 365 Integration

Our most requested integration is here.

Today you can sign-in or sign-up to PlayBooks and connect your Office 365 Calendar to manage your PlayBooks Meetings in Outlook or Office 365 Calendar.

If you're a current PlayBooks Customer

Sign in to your PlayBooks account and message our team through the Live-Chat to ask about migrating to our new Collaborate plan.

If you're new to PlayBooks

Simply sign-up to get started or click here to book time with Tristan for demo.