Build Better Meetings

Are you an advisor wanting to build better meetings for your clients in construction? Read on, we’ve got you.

If you’re prepping for a meeting with a client in the construction industry - what do you need? You might not be expected to show up in a hardhat and high vis, but you will be expected to know a little more than the average Jo or Joe, about the subject at hand.

Unless you’ve got a mate who just happens to be an expert on construction insurance and risk assessment, there’s a good chance you’re about to get lost in a never-ending Google spiral trying to find a reputable source of information on the construction industry.

It’s a common scenario, and why PlayBooks was founded. We designed this platform for advisors because we do have a mate with the right info, and they’re going to give you a play-by-play of everything you need for this meeting. No awkward phone calls or LinkedIn messaging required — just some magic tech that delivers what you need, when you need it. Yes!

Subject matter experts at your fingertips.

These mates of ours? The crew at Crombie Lockwood is one of them. They have more than 40 years of experience in construction and engineering across New Zealand. They’ve worked with builders, property developers, commercial construction firms, civil engineering contractors, and expert tradespeople — providing construction insurance on projects of all scales.

It’s safe to say they know what’s up when it comes to construction, which they offer up in a dedicated PlayBook on the risk assessment process for the construction industry. So next time your client asks curly questions about their insurance costs or minimising risk, you’ll have it sorted.

You have access to this info right now at PlayBooks.

To run better, more informed meetings, PlayBooks serves up expert advice on a wide range of industry topics, in a format that’s easy to use. The best bit? You have instant access to information that your client needs, in real-time. So instead of prepping for meetings by wading through slabs of information online, PlayBooks sets you up with straightforward information and instantly populates your meeting agenda with all the questions you need to cover with your client to put them on the right path. Game time right there.

It’s smart tech, for smarter meetings.

Share your big brains with the people who need it.

PlayBooks draws on the superstar skills and thought leadership of experts like Crombie Lockwood, who provide easy-to-access content that business advisors can easily utilise. They have the know-how and we make it easier to connect them with the people who need it.

If you have deep industry knowledge and would like more information on becoming a Content Contributor, click here, or you can contact our team for more information and sign up.