5 Reasons Why PlayBooks is the Best Meetings App for Business Advisors

Justin Flitter
September 2021

There are a ton of meeting apps that can connect you with your clients. But only one that can change the way you prepare and deliver the home-run meetings that will grow your business.

Here are five reasons why PlayBooks is the best meetings app for business advisors:

  1. PlayBooks is the world’s smartest agenda app

Shared agendas are important — they're a simple way to get every attendee prepared and on the same page. But to run more productive client meetings, you need more than that. You need PlayBooks: the supercharged, smart agenda app.

PlayBooks won’t just send out an agenda that all participants can access and collaborate with. It will also tell you what you need to talk about and what your actions should look like. Seriously.

PlayBooks is the only meeting software in the world with a library of knowledge you can drop into a meeting. Powered by experts, 'Plays' provide digestible advice and talking points on any chosen topic, which can be populated into your agenda.

For business advisors, this means when you’re planning a week of client meetings across various industries — planning just got a whole lot easier. You can show up prepared to any meeting, even ones that drop into your calendar at short notice.  

To see how easy meeting planning can be, you can give PlayBooks a spin for free here.

  1. You can be an expert on anything, quickly (even if it’s outside your wheelhouse)

We don’t need to tell you that business advisors are expected to know a lot. With the world’s information quite literally at your fingertips. The pressure is on you to quickly form opinions and advice on a huge range of topics — sometimes outside of your wheelhouse.

The PlayBooks library of shared expertise has got your back. From Accounting to Technology and everything in between, we have the resources to get you up to speed, evaluate options, and review processes. By linking this information to your agendas, you’ll be able to switch gears quickly and drive collaborative action in meetings.

If you’re wondering where this magical knowledge comes from, our library of resources are written by expert contributors including Yellow, MediaWorks, Crombie Lockwood, LawHawk, Debtor Daddy, BCS, and our own super smart and experienced folks at PlayBooks.

  1. You’ll save time by creating your own private knowledge library

This meeting ‘ain’t your first rodeo. You’ve got a lot of clients, you’ve been there, done that. With private libraries, PlayBooks lets you publish your own expertise and create reusable ‘Plays’ you can drop into any client meeting, present and future. So if the best expert on a subject is you — you’ll still be more effective in less time. Create your topics and talking points, drop them into every meeting that needs it.

If it turns out that Kelly in Finance or Dave in Marketing is the best mind for the job, you can hit them up for the goods too. Team sharing allows PlayBooks to be shared within organisations, so you can share the love and knowledge around.

  1. PlayBooks can be used to automate your meeting follow-ups

After a meeting, you want to focus on getting the work done, not take on more admin. With all the talking points and actions summarised neatly in your agenda, PlayBooks makes it a piece of cake to automate your meeting follow ups. Instantly share your meeting advice and next steps where your client can easily review it (before showering you with well-deserved praise, you time-saving genius, you).

  1. PlayBooks plays nicely with others

Admittedly, modesty is not our strongest suit (did we mention PlayBooks is the best meeting app ever?). But we’re not the only awesome software tool making life easier for business advisors. There are already a heap of great apps you rely on to save time and get things done — and we plan on being friends with them.

Like the scheduling tool Calendly, for example. When you’ve got back-to-back meetings for half the week, finding the right time for last minute catch ups or schedule changes can be a challenge. Connect your PlayBooks account with Calendly and upload your availability, instantly helping you or your clients choose the right time to meet (and deliver your PlayBooks smart agenda).

We’re the new kid in town, so expect many more friendly integrations on the way, such as Office 365, Zapier, and more.

Start now with the best meetings app and create smarter client meetings.

Don’t take our word for it. Give PlayBooks a test run and see how efficient and productive your next meeting could be. Join PlayBooks today for a free trial.