About PlayBooks

PlayBooks empowers businesses to run more effective and productive meetings with a smart Platform for managing agendas and collaborative action. PlayBooks makes powerful, digestible advice on any industry topic available in every meeting.

Meetings are time-consuming, but with PlayBooks, you can quickly create visible, real-time agendas enabling simple, effective collaboration. Actions items are assigned, making accountability transparent, and tracking items for the next meeting easy, without a bunch of emails and extra steps.

PlayBooks is a meetings Platform for Business, Advisors, Consultants, Boards, Leadership and Project teams. Any individual or team that demands seamless, efficient meetings that drive impact, action and accountability.

Josh Stanton

Head of Customer Growth

After a previous career in automotive electrical engineering, Josh has nearly 10 years experience helping to grow SaaS companies internationally and brings a data-driven approach to business development.

Greg Sheehan

Founder and CEO

Greg co-founded Rightway in 2011, growing to 100 employees and became Xero's largest accounting partner. Previously Greg was the CFO of Nike Australia, the Group Financial Controller for Air New Zealand.

Jana Hood

Head of Operations

Jana loves bringing about change and innovation and is determined to continually improve the world around her. Now on her third adventure, Jana is a start-up-hardened veteran.

Tom Freeman

Head of Product and Revenue

Justin Flitter

Chief Marketing Officer

A cricket fan and juggler, Justin has 15 years experience leading marketing strategy, brand and partnership programs for SaaS and professional services businesses growing globally.

Our Story

We’re here to save the world. Ok, maybe not the world, but definitely your next meeting.

People are tired of meetings, especially meetings that suck. We know, you know that when meetings run well business flows faster.

PlayBooks, the game-changer for meetings, was ignited by entrepreneur Greg Sheehan. As the Founder and former CEO of RightWay and previous CFO of Nike AU, Greg knows the risks of having meetings that leave clients disenchanted.

Every year the global impact of ineffective meetings cost organisations over half a trillion dollars in lost productivity and missed opportunities. We think that's unsustainable.

Small Businesses are the life-blood of every economy. Their Business Advisors are trusted heroes, champions of business growth. PlayBooks gives Advisors and Teams the ability to interact with clients in an active manner rather than being passive and reactionary.

Welcome to the PlayBooks community. We're delighted to have you on the journey with us.

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