Run Meetings like a Superhero.

Meetings are your time to shine, setting clients up for success with Game Plans for business. The PlayBooks meetings app helps you create a Game Plan for every meeting, challenge or opportunity.

PlayBooks is the App for more Effective Meetings.

Video Conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts are great for connecting us. But they don't help you run effective meetings.

Guest Management

Invite guests to attend a meeting in PlayBooks with any video conference link or address.

Smart Agendas

Create the perfect agenda with your guests, add documents as attachments.

Action Points

Tasks assigned to meeting guests are shared in the meeting summary email.

Calendly Integration

Connect Calendly to automatically create meetings and agendas when a client books a meeting.

Libraries of Expertise

Create private PlayBooks or access the public library to add expertise to a meeting.

Notes and Minutes

Create private or public meeting notes to record minutes and discussions.

10x your Advisory with Game Plans for Business in every client meeting.

PlayBooks is the only Meeting Software in the world with a library of expertise you can drop into a meeting. Collaborate with clients, in meetings, to build Game Plans that tackle challenges and win every opportunity.

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Create an unfair advantage with Game Plans powered by PlayBooks.

PlayBooks uniquely combines your customer and industry knowledge with expertise in the Public Marketplace to create Game Plans for business. Visibly add value to help your clients businesses perform at their best.

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Build your brand on trusted advice.

The PlayBooks Marketplace positions your product or service expertise directly into other peoples meetings, right at the time people are talking about the very thing that you do.

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"With PlayBooks Action Items create clear and transparent accountability"

Andrew R,
Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

"PlayBooks gives advisors the ability to interact with clients in an active manner rather than being passive and reactionary."

Monica Richards,
Business Advisor

"PlayBooks connects the people taking part with the best ‘how to advice’ out there… what’s not to love?"

Suse Reynolds,

Join PlayBooks. Start running meetings like a Superhero.

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