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Run Meetings like a Superhero.

PlayBooks is the game-changing platform helping business advisors and teams run smarter meetings, with the world's best expertise at their fingertips.

Meeting Software for Business Advisors.

PlayBooks is the only Meeting Software in the world with a Library of expertise you can drop into a meeting. 'Plays' are digestible advice to inform decisions, evaluate options and review processes to drive collaborative action in meetings.

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Run smarter meetings to drive business growth.

PlayBooks empowers teams to run more effective and efficient meetings. Tap into organisational knowledge with Plays written by internal topic experts to reduce follow-up tasks and keep people moving.

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"With PlayBooks Action Items create clear and transparent accountability"

Andrew R,
Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

"PlayBooks gives advisors the ability to interact with clients in an active manner rather than being passive and reactionary."

Marshall Maine,
Business Advisor

"PlayBooks connects the people taking part with the best ‘how to advice’ out there… what’s not to love?"

Suse Reynolds,

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