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Connect your people in a knowledge based collaboration Platform.

Join PlayBooks to manage your knowledge and content in one place. Collaborate and meet to share private, company or public expertise with clients and team members.

Meet for Free

Host unlimited meetings for free and easily collaborate with colleagues and clients on agenda items, action points and notes. Use the Public Library of expertise to reach the best outcomes.

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Empower your Teams

Create shared libraries of notes, documents, resources and templates. Perfect for teams of 2 to 2,000 to use in meetings with clients and staff. Leverage up-coming integrations to power-up your productivity.

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Promote your Expertise

Don't waste time targeting digital marketing to people who have no immediate need for what you sell. Get your product or service expertise in front of people just as they need help with what you do.

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"PlayBooks makes sure I never go into a meeting unprepared".

Sarah Walker is a motivated problem solver and a PlayBooks super-user. With a keen interest in technology that makes life easier, she joined PlayBooks to give her client meetings an upgrade.

All your Meetings & Expertise in
one smart Platform.

PlayBooks is a content driven meeting and collaboration Platform.
We empower B2B and Team collaboration by making expertise available right at the moment of intent.

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