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Do More Together

PlayBooks powers a new way of action focused collaboration.

All your Meetings and Actions in one place

Bring your business, people and content together so everyone knows how they contribute to success.

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Connect for Impact
Make each interaction matter, connect face to face, online or asynchronously.
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Beat Message Overload
Bring conversations together in one platform, with visibility for everyone.

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Faster Decisions Together
Leverage group accountability with collaborative actions to reach faster outcomes.
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Platform features
Manage all your meetings in one place
Create Spaces for teams, clients and projects.
Create collaborative agendas
Assign tasks and manage outcomes
Record meetings notes and discussions
Leverage custom invitations and meeting summaries
Create personal and organisational libraries of content
Connect your calendar to Outlook and Office 365
Let your clients book meetings with Calendly
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Connect Dynamic Teams
Connect clients, advisors, partners and employees with meetings and content, however you operate.

Face to face or remote teams, connected for action.

We empower hybrid team collaboration through focused content, discussions and assigned actions.

"PlayBooks makes sure I never go into a meeting unprepared".

With a keen interest in technology that makes life easier, Sarah Walker joined PlayBooks to give her client meetings an upgrade.